Soil Investigation

Soil investigation is an incredibly important measure in the construction industry. It is absolutely essential and carrying it out is required before construction of any new structures can commence. This is to avoid the possibility of foundations failing at a later stage. The bearing capacity and nature of the soil are to be ascertained to ensure the stability of the foundation. Foundation failures in structures are practically irreparable and must be avoided at all costs.

Our competent and well-trained staff will assemble drilling machinery at specified Soil Investigation locations to retrieve soil and rock material samples. In this Soil Investigation process, Geoscan Pte Ltd collects undisturbed samples (UDs) from the soil up till predetermined investigation depths. In addition, we can also carry out a selection of tests, such as the Standard Penetration Test (SPT); permeability test; vane shear test; and core sampling, in accordance with on our client’s needs and specifications.

Our seasoned engineers will characterize and develop geological profiles from these retrieved samples. When comprehensive and in-depth characterization is required, the samples will be submitted to a world-class laboratory that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff for analysis.

Our top-notch Soil Investigation service standards are established to surpass the industry-wide practices in Singapore. All in all, we aspire to provide services to our clients that fully satisfies their desires and needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a Soil Investigation quotation today at the Contact Us page.

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