Real Time Micro-Vibration Monitoring

Geoscan, with our extensive monitoring experience in the construction industry, has developed our latest state-of-the-art Real Time Micro-Vibration Monitoring System. We are proud to declare that we now possess the capability to provide accurate, customised and flexible micro-vibration monitoring that is required in the nanotechnology and healthcare industries. In addition, each Micro-Vibration sensor used by Geoscan is calibrated and certified by our affiliate’s ISO 17025-compliant laboratory. This is to ensure that we live up to our reputation as well as our core values of “Quality” and “Reliability”.

The Geoscan GTPL-L2C4 Portable 24-Bit Signal Analyzer allows for real-time monitoring of Micro-Vibrations. Equipped with a back-up battery in its highly portable and compact frame, it is uniquely designed to work in conjunction with our SINUS 3-axial should be Seismometer to measure Micro-Vibration velocities. These Micro-Vibrations are usually highly monitored in sensitive areas such as Semi-Conductor Factories/ Wafer Plants that assemble products like semi-conductor chips, wafer production, circuit boards, optical microscopes or shop floors with lithography and laboratories that are specially built to equip electron microscopes and other vibration sensitive machinery. In the case of the healthcare industry, hospitals deploy multiple machineries like MRI machine, X-ray machines or CT scanners which are sensitive to Micro-Vibrations and thus our Real Time Micro-Vibration Monitoring System is able to cater to their needs as well.

Comply fully DIN 45669

  • VC-criteria in Nanotechnology Facilities
  • Tunnel and Dam Monitoring
  • Earthquake Detection
  • Bridge Monitoring
  • Construction Site Monitoring

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