Geoscan Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as Geoscan Instruments Pte. Ltd.) was incorporated in Singapore in March of 1989 to fulfil the relentless demand in the market for geotechnical instrumentation and soil investigation services. For over three decades, we have remained steadfastly committed to providing only the highest quality of work to clients across Singapore.

In the infancy of its incorporation, Geoscan Pte Ltd was involved in a diverse portfolio of soil investigation works. This includes the SBC TV World in Tuas, developments in southern islands (Pulau Seraya, Pulau Ayer Merbau, Pulau Serabok), Changi Ferry Terminal, Ngee Ann City and various other infrastructure projects.


As the demand for geotechnical works soared in 1990s, Geoscan refocused its core business to include more instrumentation scope. Hence, we gave our clients a convenient and economical solution to their instrumentation needs. The company has continued to grow by introducing more services into our broad spectrum of capabilities, including Real Time Monitoring for Vibration, Micro-Vibration, Noise and EL-tilt meter.

In pursuit of innovation and efficiency, Geoscan has also been actively involved in collaborations with the Singapore scientific community to study possible ways to better measure ground vibrations. More than 30 years in and still going strong, Geoscan relies on our extensive experience, technical expertise and cutting-edge assets to guarantee success for our clients’ projects. Our commitment to constantly taking the initiative has enabled us to evolve and stay ahead of the curve.


We aspire to provide objective, cost efficient and reliable services and solutions for our clients in the fields of geotechnical instrumentation, monitoring and soil investigation.


Geoscan’s vision is to establish ourselves as the best all-encompassing Geotechnical solutions provider that emphasises on safety, sustainability, and technology.

Core Values


Reliability means that we are trustworthy, consistent, and dependable. We will never accept a project without being absolutely positive that we are capable of delivering a high standard of work within a satisfactory time frame.


We take great pride in our commitment in providing high-quality, tried-and-tested products and services that are economical and effective.


Rather than stagnate, we are constantly upgrading our resources and assets and taking the initiative to improve our means of adding value to our customers.


Integrity is paramount in our line of work. Falsified data and information may lead to severe accidents and even death. Thus, we make sure that our seasoned team of professionals always embody their principle.


We have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. From resource-conserving solutions to consideration of environmentally friendly alternatives, we go to great lengths to implement sustainability efforts in our day-to-day operations.

Our Clients


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