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About Us
Geoscan Team
Soil Investigation and Geotechnical instrumentation
About Us

Geoscan Team

The efficiency and effectiveness of any team relies on the synergy of its members. Geoscan values our members greatly regardless of their role. Our management, operations personnel and office support staff work as an integrated team to provide utmost service and response in meeting our client’s needs.

Our Scope of Work

During the past years, we have gained significant experiences and expertise which has enabled us to specialize in the following area:

  • Supply and Installation of Geotechnical Instruments
  • Contract Monitoring of Geotechnical Instruments
  • Survey Services
  • EL Beam Sensors (with real-time monitoring)
  • Vibration Monitoring (with real-time monitoring)
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Soil Investigation
  • Soil and Groundwater Investigation (for Environmental Baseline Study)