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Soil Investigation and Geotechnical instrumentation
About Us
Need For Soil Investigation and Geotechnical Instrumentation Works

Soil measurements are obtained through soil investigation and geotechnical instrumentation works. Measurement of soil behavior after the soil investigation stage should continue during any construction works. Since construction works would alter otherwise natural ground conditions, collection of soil information should continue throughout the construction work to confirm the assumed ground conditions which engineering designs are based.

Soil Investigation

Soil Investigation is one of the initial activities of any civil engineering or building projects. Soil investigation works involve carrying out drilling and coring into ground for the purpose of sampling and collecting information on the soils to determine the soil characteristics towards understanding of the nature of the ground from which engineering and foundation designs are based upon. The soil investigation report usually formed part of building application.

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Geotechnical instrumentation involves assessment of ground conditions during the construction work to report any variation to the original condition. In this light, data and information has to be periodically measured. Data integrity and periodic monitoring frequency is vital to the reliability of the report to serve its purpose of allowing construction works to be economically and safely build. The geotechnical instrumentation report consists of data and graphical presentation of data collected on site. The report is periodically done and delivered to client for use as basis of monitoring their site construction activities.